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Welcome to The Classic Horror Movie Channel!

Hello Horror Fan, You finally found us!

The Classic Horror Movie Channel is for fans of the great Classic Horror, Sci-Fi Films and Television shows.

We have designed this site to showcase and celebrate all of the movies that we all love. We want to spread the word that will allow these movies to stay popular for generations to come!

Sign up, and become an official member of The Classic Horror Movie Channel’s “Monster Fan Club”  Just Click on the  below button, fill out the form, and you’re in!!

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We sometimes will broadcast movies that are in the public domain on many sites. Movies are from YouTube, and the Internet Archive. The Classic Horror Movie Channel respects and honors all the copyrighted hard work of the creative people who created it. If we make a mistake, let us know and we will gladly take it down.

Our site is Haunted! Strange things may happen. The unexplained can happen each time you visit.

The story on our abandoned television station will come out soon, and all will be explained in due time.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!






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