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Attention Bela Lugosi Fans!

Bela Lugosi

If your a fan of Bela Lugosi (and who isn’t) then we’ve found a new friend that we would like to introduce you to… The Bela Lugosi Blog.This is hands down, one of the best blogs/websites Ive seen that is all about one of my favorite actors. ThisĀ  blog site is an absolute treasure trove of pictures, stories, radio shows , comics, books, interviews, TV appearances, and much, much more!

What we really love about this site is the rich, in depth Radio and Television content featuring Bela. We found so many video works of art that we have never seen before. I could spend hours listening to the radio drama’s, or watching, and re-watching all the videos featuring our man in his “Dracula” role during the prime of his career.

This site is solely focused on Mr. Lugosi’s life story, capturing his journey on the various pages, and blog posts of this very entertaining site. It has a vast library of articles, book covers, and newspaper clippings.

You’ll spend hours reading the actual letters “The Master” wrote to his business partners and fans, get information on Bram Stoker, the man who started the Dracula craze, and you can follow Bela’s life as reported in the press each year.

Give them a visit today, bookmark the site, and enjoy!

Until next time!

Kile Summer

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